My Father’s Remains

My Father’s Remains


Series of 7

“We think of a memory as somehow dead, as a memorial, anchored in it’s own time and place. A half buried reminder of what was once here. You can’t just hang on to things, you have to let go, move on. It’s hard to imagine that certain memories are still alive, still fighting against the current, struggling to keep up. Certain images still have the power to leap back into the present. It’s not just the moments that we remember, not the grand gestures of catered ceremonies, not the world we capture poised and smiling in photos; It’s the invisible things, the minutes, the cheap raw material of ordinary time, these are the images that will linger in your mind moving back and forth, still developing.”

-John Koenig

          This project is a representation of memory, specifically memories of how my father, who recently has passed away in a car accident, remains in my life even though physically he is gone. As i’m not living particularly close to any family members i’ve had to come up with my own way of coping. Everyday, as I walk through the hallways of life I experience moments, moments that like ebbing and flowing tides brush the sand, brush over me. Layers of small interactions with people, or things bring a flash of memory. These moments that occur in my everyday life is like reliving the memories I had with my father, keeping him alive in a way, but also accepting that at least physically I no longer can experience those moments. I incorporated the color blue into all of these photographs as blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith, and heaven.The different colored layers of these pieces represent the different moments that I observe, that contribute to making my memory feel more real, which is why when combined the three layers make a colored photograph. The colors are not perfect, which also is a way to indicate that these moments I experience are not true to the raw experience that created the memory in the first place.